disclaimer i am a paradox of contradictions

i will post this right off the bat so there are no misunderstandings. first off i often describe myself as a paradox of contradictions. which is you know me you would completely agree. i tell people i don’t like being put in a box with my opinions, beliefs and actions yet i often would prefer if other would fit in a box. why? because it makes things easier for me. 

but i figured i would give a little background on myself. i am in my mid-30’s living in the washington dc area, i am single and enjoying being that way. i am a registered independent, i went to school for public justice so i love observing the actions of our government, yet i disagree with them most of the time. i love music, reading, writing (duh i started a blog and i am working on a few novels). i am a geek, not a nerd and yes there is a difference. i love the news and i rarely believe the news from major US news outlets. i am an introvert but once you know me i won’t shut up. i have very few people i truly let in, but i am ferociously loyal. i have made many many mistakes in my past, but i learned so much about myself and others through those mistakes. i can be very opinionated and a massive bitch. i watch a lot of british tv and very little american tv. and i am a massive chelsea football club fan, i bleed blue. and finally i have a cat that runs my life. these are just a few things about myself i wanted to share before i post too much more. 
i will probably be posting about current events, personal events, and random shit that i feel like sharing. i will probably post random quotes every now and then that i love. but most importantly you must realize i am such a paradox of contradictions that my best friend created the term “jeslogic” to explain my thought process, it is truly unique to me, but isn’t everyone really! oh i am also dyslexic so if there are spelling or grammar mistakes, don’t fret i will catch them eventually. 


  1. Because I Can · August 19, 2014

    I love this post! It perfectly describes you in an endearing, honest and unapologetic way. ❤


  2. Jes S · August 19, 2014

    Thanks lady. I should give you the credit for creating the term “jeslogic”!


  3. Because I Can · August 20, 2014

    HA! I do love me some jeslogic 🙂


  4. Jes S · August 20, 2014

    and that my dear is why you are a unicorn!


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