i hate people. here is why

i hate people. now that might sound like a sweeping generalization and in fact it is, but with the exception of a few fabulous people in my life, i hate everyone else. from my experience most people are selfish. and while i am selfish, its more in the way of hey don’t eat the last lime popsicle, i want it. not in the way of i only care about what is going on directly around me and directly effects me. i also dislike them because they don’t want to be uplifting and loving. i have come to realize if you don’t make me feel better about life, or keep me at the same level of discontent with life, then i don’t need you in my life. i also don’t want small minded people in my life. for some reason and i don’t know why but everyone seems to love arguing with me. and while i love a good argument, when you come from an ignorant and small mind background, i am not getting involved. and because i am a huge bitch its very hard for me to not try and provoke these people. instead i try to just step back and say i am not doing this. which is why i love my gracie, she is my best friend and sister i never had. she and i can disagree on subject but we both come to the table with educated opinions and an open mind. now gracie is pretty much one in a million because no one has ever consistently been so open, honest and accepting of me as she has. i am pretty sure she is a unicorn. however i also blame her, she brought my expectation level up of how friends and family should make you feel. thanks a lot for that gracie.


  1. Because I Can · August 20, 2014

    LMAO I love you too Will!! I am only for you what you are for me. True, we make the rest of the world look like shite when it comes to friendship but that's only cause we are awesome. I agree with you, people are so up their own butts its a miracle people get any support at all sometimes. And closed minds should definitely come with closed mouths but we are not so lucky. I don't know why the world feels the need to argue with you but I am glad at least we can come together in a respectful way. Also, I am definitely a unicorn.


  2. Jes S · August 20, 2014

    i am pretty sure there is a sign on my forehead that says please pick a fight with me, and i can't see it to erase it. i am a pedantic know it all but only on subjects i actually know it all on. oh well i am just glad you and Randal get me. it makes so much easier and enjoyable!


  3. Because I Can · August 20, 2014

    We leeeerve you. At least people always assume your are intelligent and worthy of arguing with. Whether the same can be true about them is up for debate but still 😉


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