Facebook, just might be the devil’s work

Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with people, but it also can be a great way to piss people off or have them piss you off. Over the years I have seriously thought about getting rid of Facebook but the problem is that now a days it is the way everyone keeps in touch. People never send me emails anymore, I get Facebook messages. I only get texts from a few people, which is fine with me, but I feel like email should not be replaced by Facebook messages. The fact is if I got rid of Facebook I would no longer know what is going on with my friends and family, since most of them live 400 plus miles away from me and they are not going to take the time to send an email detailing what they just posted on Facebook (and I get that). And I do like that I can go to one place and keep up with everyone, so I guess that is one very nice thing Facebook has going for it.

But onto the biggest issue with Facebook… pissing people off or getting pissed off. A few months ago I posted a story off of BBC News about a conflict in the middle east going on at the time, and I had a member of my extended family take great offense to me posting it and for having an opinion on the matter that differed from them. They in fact took such offense that since that point they have never commented or liked a single thing of mine (and they used to do that quite often). Now I am not feeling a great loss at this, as they were an extended family member I might have met once as a child and have no memory of it, so if they are going to chose to stop contact with me over me sharing a different opinion, well quite honestly its their loss. The fact is I did not post it to upset them, I am not that petty, I do honestly have better things to do with my time and I piss people off enough with the regular shit I post, I don’t seek out things to post to upset people. But I am an opinionated person and if people can’t handle me posting things they might not agree with I quite honestly suggest they stop all contact with me. Anything I post on Facebook I will gladly debate in person.

However as a skilled debater I know one key thing… when there is no hope. That is the situation when the two people have such opposite opinions on a matter and both feel so passionately about their opinions there is no hope of either side seeing the other sides valid points. In those cases, you just throw up your hands and say fuck it and move on.

Yet that brings me to my other beef with Facebook… why comment on someone else status if you disagree. Why start an argument online? The thing is I never post on peoples statuses that I strongly disagree with… why because they have ever right to post it and I simply scroll past it. I have no reason to argue the finer points of my opinion when in reality I know it pointless. And it only leads to hurt feelings. Now I don’t go on Facebook to make my life better or to be validated by it, however I do not like getting pissed off by it. I seem to be one of those people that other people love to argue with. Numerous times I have had friends or often my dad text me saying “I see you have another arguer!” It is true I do like a good debate and intelligent conversation. But if you can tell that your opinion is completely opposite of mine and I feel strongly about the topic, why argue your point. Do what I do and post your own status spouting off your opinion.

So in conclusion I will state that I really think I am getting to the point in my life where I really do feel I dislike the human race in general and despise human contact due to that. And I blame Facebook for taking away that need to pick up the phone and call someone (however please don’t call me I hate talking on the phone) or send an email to them to keep up with them. I am not saying that Facebook is evil (though maybe I am), I am simply pointing out that Facebook has replaced that personal contact we all used to have, and this probably makes me sounds like a grumpy old lady (and don’t worry I feel like one a lot lately), but I do miss actually getting personal emails, where they told you what was going on in their life and then asked about your and you went back and forth like that and it wasn’t instant, you had to wait for a response, and responses are carefully thought out. But I guess as they say you need to change with the times, so I guess I shall try to do my best at that.

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  1. Ellen · November 3, 2014

    Sadly, I agree that personal contact is lost. We are becoming les connected by being more connected.


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