Yup I think about this stuff

If you have ever lived alone you may understand these rather ‘irrational’ fear and thoughts that go through your mind. Here is just a few I have come across when living alone:

-If you start choking, there is no one there to give you the Heimlich or call 911. And you keep meaning to look up how to give yourself the Heimlich but keep forgetting to and once your already choking it is really too late. (Note to self: Look this up)

-If you are a suspect in a crime you have no alibi since a court of law is not going to allow your cat to be a witness, to explain the evening you spent yelling at them to stop breaking things and not committing the crime you are being accused of. (I might watch a lot of the Investigation Discovery channel.)

-The fear that if a madman breaks into your house you have no one to hide behind or offer up to kill first. (I watch a lot of Law & Order too.)

-The fear that one day while having a conversation with your cat they actually respond and tell you how they really feel about you. (My guess it would involve a lot of swearing and complaining about the food.)

-When you hear a weird noise you have no one to send out to investigate to see if it is that mean ghost you are convinced is haunting you, since your cat is always staring at random part of the ceiling looking very much like they saw a ghost. (Or even worse an alien!)




  1. kalassea · November 4, 2014

    This post was so amusing! I admit, I have also had the choking fear and HAVE actually looked up how to give yourself the Heimlich. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what I read…just that it involved a chair…


  2. pouringmyartout · November 3, 2014

    This is awesome… I need to make more lists like this


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