Well I guess some people didn’t bother to heed my warning about arguing with me on FB or more importantly arguing the semantics of my post. People who get my way of thinking and talking will know I tend to make sweeping generalizations to make a point. Often times making sweeping generalizations is the easiest way of say something – its like this, I say the grass is green, now are some yellow and when grass is dead is it brown, yes, but my point was more about grass in general. I also know that I have opinions about group of people and I have ever right to say that in general I don’t like the way that group acts. Now do I realize not all people in a group act a certain way of course. But do I really need to point out all the little things about the group that don’t act that way…. no. Why, because if you know me, truly know me you know I know in every group some people can be good even if on a whole the group is behaving badly. So I am going to go a bit without logging in to FB (at least until the holiday season is over) and if I enjoyed being off the site I will delete my account.  I am already much happier about it.

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