Big News

OK that is a very misleading subject line/header… because its not really that big of news expect I bit the bullet and decided to buy the domain name of because there has never been a better domain name for me to buy. My twitter handle is @iwasatypo (recently updated to that) and I truly feel the name fits me. So since I decided to buy the name, I will be forced to update this blog more often. I have a lot to say but often edit myself out of fear of upsetting people… well be warned that has ended. I am ready to release my inner demon and post my opinions and thoughts and not give two shits what people think. Plus my seestra, Gracie is always motivating me to write more and since my life is finally in a very good place I figure why not take that chance and get cracking on what I truly love doing, writing. So watch this space… more is coming… poetry, thoughts, opinions, and hopefully updates on how the stories I am writing are going. But mainly this space will be filled with the paradox of contradictions with is me.

One comment

  1. Matt Sherman · August 22, 2015

    I love the domain name!


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