There is only one side

I was home today and had CNN on when I saw the President of the United States news conference, it made me sick to my stomach. As a lesbian, I have known the president was not on my side all along. And yes I voted for Clinton and I am proud of my vote for, damn proud! After she lost people told me to give Trump a chance, wait and see if he takes my rights away. Well guess what we aren’t even a year into his presidency and it’s been far worse than I imagined it would be. I dread when I see an alert on my phone, fearing it will be an alert letting me know we just started WWIII.

But when it comes to this last weekend and the events in Charlottesville I have to say enough is enough. Our president showed his true colors today, he is a white supremacist, full stop. The fact is this country is just as racist, homophobic, sexist and xenophobic as I thought, but my cis/white/straight friends and family all tried to say I was wrong. I wish I was wrong. I wish this was all a really bad dream and I could wake up and be living under a Clinton presidency. But that isn’t the reality, the reality is white America elected a racist idoit to our highest office because they are scared their white privilege is waning and they don’t like that. Well guess what it is and it should. And guess what me, other LGBTQ people, anyone who is not-white as the right to exist and to have the same right as straight white america. Nazi’s and white supremacist don’t have a side they have hate. They are marching to say I don’t have the right to be alive or have rights. They want us all rounded up and killed. So no Mr. President this isn’t a problem that has two sides. This only has one side and you sir are on the wrong side of history.

I can only hope this makes straight white America wake up and start fighting with the rest of us. White people created this problem and we need to fix it.

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