Ok it’s been a while

Yup I planned on posting on here more often but life just kept getting in the way. But I am really going to try to post more as I am taking a break from Facebook. I find facebook can be very toxic and I want to focus on the positives and good things in my life.

So since I last posted I added to my little family. In February I adopted a new cat, her name is the Doctor and she has been an amazing addition to my family.

She has settled in nicely and Bear has adjusted better than I could have dreamed. She hasn’t hissed once at the Doctor and the two of them now hang out and cause trouble together.

She is still her moody self but now I feel like my little family is complete.

I just got home from a trip to Vermont with my niece Ani and once I go through all my pictures I will post about the trip. I definitely fell in love with Vermont and will be going back there again soon.

Peace – JS

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