Signs you are getting older

Here are a few things that have made me realize I am getting older:

– Falling asleep with your reading glasses on.

– Getting a bill that is lower than expected and you do a little happy dance, but then have to stop that dance being you have bad knees.

– Being excited you slept past 7 on the weekends.

– Going to bed before 9 not because your sick but you are just tired.

– Loving DVR because you don’t have to struggle to stay awake to watch shows that are on late at night.

– Making statements like: ‘Kids now a days have it so easy’, ‘When I was that age I didn’t act that way’, or you see a young man with his pants hanging around his knees and yell ‘pull your damn pants up’ and he does it and says sorry ma’am.

– You have learned to enjoy silence and would prefer more people would too, preferably the small minded fools who seem to yell loudest.

– You worry about your parents all the time and realize a small amount of what they must have felt when you were a kid.

– Getting frustrated with technology and wish your favorite XP operating system was still in use.

– Realizing that as a kid whatever age you are now seemed super old yet now that you are that age you still feel very young at heart.

– Learning that not everything is worth getting upset about, this world is full with a lot of bad things (events, people, etc.), but its the little things that make your life better, a smile on your nieces face, and silly text from your nephew, getting pictures of your parents loving retirement.

– Getting older but knowing you are truly happier than you have ever been. Things may not be perfect but considering what other go through life is good.


Yup I think about this stuff

If you have ever lived alone you may understand these rather ‘irrational’ fear and thoughts that go through your mind. Here is just a few I have come across when living alone:

-If you start choking, there is no one there to give you the Heimlich or call 911. And you keep meaning to look up how to give yourself the Heimlich but keep forgetting to and once your already choking it is really too late. (Note to self: Look this up)

-If you are a suspect in a crime you have no alibi since a court of law is not going to allow your cat to be a witness, to explain the evening you spent yelling at them to stop breaking things and not committing the crime you are being accused of. (I might watch a lot of the Investigation Discovery channel.)

-The fear that if a madman breaks into your house you have no one to hide behind or offer up to kill first. (I watch a lot of Law & Order too.)

-The fear that one day while having a conversation with your cat they actually respond and tell you how they really feel about you. (My guess it would involve a lot of swearing and complaining about the food.)

-When you hear a weird noise you have no one to send out to investigate to see if it is that mean ghost you are convinced is haunting you, since your cat is always staring at random part of the ceiling looking very much like they saw a ghost. (Or even worse an alien!)